Our sailing tours depart every day at 9:30 in the morning, or anytime upon request, and take you around the most beautiful places of the Eastern Coast of Skagafjörður, North Iceland. We offer trips from various durations.


Sailing around ThordarhofdiThe tour takes you first to Bæjarklettar cliffs where are some magnificent basaltic columns that vary in sizes and shapes. The smaller ones result from a fast rate of cooling lava whereas the larger ones that we observe here result from a slower cooling process.

Then, we spend some time exploring Þórðarhöfði, which rises 202 meters from the sea and was once a volcano. Although it looks like an island from the distance, Þórðarhöfði is attached to the land by two low sandpits that form a lake named Höfðavatn, famous for its rich bird life and its trout fishing opportunities.


Sailing to Malmey islandDo you see these two islands in the distance? This trip takes you to Málmey, a very well preserved island where puffins (lundi in Icelandic) and guillemots (langvía) love to nest during the warmer months. There are high chances that they invite themselves during the cruise!

What a better way to end the tour than going to Hofsós well-known swimming pool? There you can enjoy an infinite view over the Ocean and still see Drangey and Malmey in the distance. The entry to the swimming pool is included in the tour.


Sailing to Drangey islandThis longer trip explores the above-mentioned places, Þórðarhöfði and Malmey, but there we sail all the way to Drangey island for a full view of what Skagafjörður has to offer.

Drangey plays an important role in Icelandic sagas as there one of the best known Vikings in Iceland, Grettir the Strong, has been living as an outlaw for three years until he died in 1031. The island is also home to many birds in Summer Time.

Departure: 9:30 am, or anytime upon request

Capacity: The boat takes up to 19 people – Minimum 4 adults per tour

Contact us at hafogland@gmail.com for more information about our sailing tours. Looking forward to welcoming you onboard!

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