Icelandic bird: puffinSkagafjördur region is a renowned place regarding bird life to the point that the area has become a real reference for bird enthusiastics.

Hundreds of Puffins chose the islands Málmey and Drangey to nest during the Summer so we get to meet a lot during the season. Puffins are really funny birds that love to be photographed, especially when they have ten fish in their beak.

By the ocean, large colonies of Eider ducks can also be spotted, along with Arctic Terns, Guillemots, and many other sea birds.

Wetlands are home to Whooper Swan, Great Northern Diver, Long-tailed Duck, waders, geese, marshland birds. Other bird species in the area include the Red-necked Phalarope, Golden Plover, Snipe.


For ornithologists or simply bird lovers, the nesting and migration time are probably the best time to visit Iceland. Around late May through June, the migrant species arrive and start nesting. They usually leave Iceland again through August and September. The endless summer days are a big bonus when it comes to sightseeing and birdwatching, and we will be happy to take you on our Midnight Sailing Tours.

In Winter Time, the bird life is of course much more limited. Keep an eye open as you still can spot the Snow Bunting, Merlin, While-tailed Eagle, Snowy Owl, and the Rock Ptarmigan with its winter coat!northwest-birding-trail-map

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